8 Ports Multi Protocol LED Controller

ArtNet . sACN . KNX . UDP

32 Universes . DMX512/TTL Output
Record Madrix/MA2 . RDM . WEB . Audio . DMX Control . UDP/RS485 Control . Cloud Control . GPS . Firmware Upgrade . Muti-Sync . Dual RJ45


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ArtNet LED Controller
ArtNet Pixel LED Controller

Pixels LED Strip
4/8/16 Ports
ArtNet LED Controller

  • Support MADRIX、Madmapper、Resolume Arena

  • Upto 64 Art-Net Universe, 10080 RGB Pixel Points

  • Gamma Adjustment

  • WEB Browser Interface

  • 70*100*25mm Small Size

Supported IC types: WS2811,WS2812,WS2813,TM1903,GS1903,SM16703,SM16726. And support custom parameters for new IC

LnxEffect LED Lighting Software

LED Patch . Effect . Manage

  • Free to use, no licence required, user-friendly
  • Support import DXF/DWG to patch, support fixture define
  • Support import/export patch data from/to Madrix5
  • Build-in Effect, Video Effect, Screen Capture, GIF Effect
  • Multi-layer LED effect layer to composite
  • All LED effect layer has adjustable parameter
  • Record LED effect to file to play using SD card
  • Edit record file, define the frame in/out point
  • Use LnxManager to manage LINETX device centralized

Wireless Sync Play LED Controller

  • High sensitive antenna, long-distance, multi-machine sync play of SD files

  • Support network multi-machine sync play meanwhile

  • 16G SD Card,Record and playback ArtNet

  • TTL or DMX512 LED drive signal

  • Dual Ethernet port,build-in switch

  • RDM . Audio Control . Schedule . UDP Control

  • Dual Language WEB configuration managment system

Uses public frequency bands, and the measured communication distance in open areas is about 500 meters. If signal interferenced, can select other communication channels.

LED Music Controller

Sync the Music and Lighting

Music LED Controller Music ArtNet LED Controller

Sync Music and Lighting

Edit the timeline of the music, adjust the time slice of each music rhythm point, drag the light effect file to the time slice, then can synchronize the music rhythm with the lighting effect.

Use Timecode

Use the external Art-Net timecode sent by the external device to synchronize with the playback of the lighting effect file, or send the timecode of the played media to the external device.

Audio Signal Output

3.5MM Audio output port, The played music can be output to the audio amplifier device

Art-Net Record

20G Hard disk、Intel CPU、Two 1G Ethernet,Art-Net data can be recorded at high speed and saved as a lighting effect file. It supports the recording of light effect data output by any software with Art-Net function.

Play on Schedule

As the master control device of Art-Net, it supports to play lighting effect files as scheduled and supports lighting effect loop playback.
Multi-Ports DMX Decoder

8 Ports (32-Channel) LED DMX Decode Dimmer

  • RGB、RGBW LED Strip adaptation

  • 1-8 ports can be aggregated as needed

  • Large power drive capability

  • RDM Supported

  • DMX Isolated Port

  • DIN to centralized installation and maintenance

Support DMX decode, drive to dim of RGB or RGBW constant voltage type LED strip/fixture
RDM DMX Decoder

IP68 High Power DMX Decoder

  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Constant voltage PWM drive and dimming
  • Drive current upto 360A
  • In-Out internal wiring
  • RDM Supported

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RDM DMX Decoder

LED constant voltage DMX decoder

  • Chain to connect using Cat-5
  • Constant voltage PWM drive and dimming
  • Drive current 12A
  • Phoenix terminal for wiring
  • RDM Supported

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Waterproof DMX Amplifier

IP68 Isolation DMX-RDM Repeater

  • IP68 Waterproof
  • In-Out internal wiring
  • Dual Isolated Ports
  • Dual direction communication with high speed
  • RDM Supported

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