About Us

Foshan Lingen Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as LINETX) is a professional company that provide the service of LED control and communication control equipment.LINETX is provide kinds of highly innovative solution for LED lighting control.

The product range we cover includes: network LED lighting controller series, music LED controller series, DMX512 wireless transceiver series products, LED DMX512 programmable controllers, intelligent full-color decorative product series, etc.

LINETX Technology always puts product innovation and quality first, while providing customers with the most competitive prices. LINETX Technology looks forward to listening to the needs of customers and providing you with professional product customization services. LINETX Technology pays attention to the protection of intellectual property and technology accumulation. Has applied for a patent certificate of various products, these products are widely used in various decorative lighting and communication control and other occasions.

Innovation, quality and service, LINETX Technology will accompany you along the way.